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 Groomers Wanted:

Groomers, are you looking for a commercial retail space and wanting to own your own business, be your own boss (not a W2 employee) in a prime Downtown Puyallup location?

As a building owner/landlord, I'm looking for Professional groomers that are wanting to get out of their corporate company or Home Business and own your own business in a commercial retail building.

You will be your own boss, work your own hours, do your own scheduling, and do all your transactions, and best of all, keep all your money! As a business owner you will also be responsible for your own taxes.
At this prime downtown location, There are 2 more spaces for professional groomers to rent out work space. We have 5 work stations (3 of them are rented) in a 1,800sf building with your own tub and table to use. ( non-hydraulic )



As an Owner, you must provide your own tools and equipment, present copies of your business insurance and license, have a POS system, phone, and clientele. For those that may not have as many clients built up in the beginning can share in over flow that the other groomers just don't have time for. There are a lot of new "Walk In's" and people inquiring information about grooming.
Rental contracts can be month to month or year to year. (rates will vary)

All rents includes grooming space, tub, table, ( non-hydraulic ) water, utilities, and garbage.

*Skills you should have to be a successful groomer


As a professional Groomer, you know what it takes to be a successful groomer and to be your own boss, here are a few skills you should have to be successful owner..
- It would be great if you have at least two years grooming experience

- Have some clientele built up
- Able to groom at least 4 or more dogs a day
- Perform bath, brush outs, partial and/or full grooms
-Ability to follow basic grooming standards, policies and protocol.
- Able to communicate clearly with your clients and meet client expectations.
- Provide outstanding customer service
- Flexibility as demand for grooming fluctuates.
- Ability to maintain a clean and organized work station.
- Be able to handle challenging dogs with patience and kindness.

Those interested in working and renting your own space at this location with other owners (groomers), please email washthedog@ymail